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Urtech Water S.L.


URTECH WATER, S.L. is a start-up company established in November 2022 and its purpose is the design, manufacture, distribution, sale and maintenance of machinery for the treatment and regeneration of water in food industrial processes, with its own associated software and AI. URTECH arises from the need that the market poses to open alternatives to the problem of water and the imperative need to reduce its consumption, considering that the cost of purification and the opportunity cost is going to become one of the highest value investments.

After more than a decade of experience in technology companies for the agri-food industry and research, the knowledge collected allows the combination of a series of technologies, thus allowing the improvement of water treatment in the agri-food industry in a sustainable way, by not requiring a chemical product and achieving great water savings through natural water treatment.

Motivated by this growth, Urtech Water sets its objective on the development of technologies for the subsequent generation of engineering projects that allow the solutions developed and tested in the pilot lines to be applied quickly and massively. Allowing with this, the purification of water in industrial processes to minimize water consumption, as a scarce essential good, guaranteeing maximum safety in its processes.