Challenges & Thematic priorities

The core value of food processing companies is to produce high quality products that are fit for human consumption. In doing so, they are facing several challenges: increasing quality demands, a larger product variety that needs to be produced in a flexible way, traceability of origin, a constant pressure on costs and delivery times, personnel costs, difficulties to attracting specialised personnel etc.

Technologies that are closely linked to the field of digital transformation offer a high potential for promising solutions. The integration of modern, cost-effective sensors in connection with novel computer-aided systems for information fusion and use of digital twins of the individual products opens up new possibilities for comprehensive, continuous quality control in the manufacturing processes, for example. Particularly in the areas of quality, traceability and transparent networking of production chains from raw material production in the field or barn to distribution and consumers, digital technologies offer promising tools (sensor fusion, big data management, machine learning, artificial intelligence) for the development of practical and cost-effective solution concepts to improve process efficiency and transparency in the agri-food industry.

The combination of concrete challenges and thematic, technical priorities form the central theme of all activities rolled out in the framework of the HIGHFIVE project.

HIGHFIVE challenges priorities