The overall goal of the HIGHFIVE project is to foster, enable and facilitate SME targeted  and interregional investment actions to implement or bring to the market innovative digital solutions to concrete challenges of the food processing companies, strengthening the European agri-food value chain and contributing to a more digital, sustainable and resilient agri-food sector in Europe. Implementing digital solutions will allow more data driven process control in food processing companies,  leading – amongst others – to more efficient and sustainable food productions. In this way, HIGHFIVE contributions to the twin transition of the agri-food value chain.

The specific objectives of HIGHFIVE in order to achieve this goal are defined as follows:

  1. Deploy a portfolio of interregional innovation investment projects that focus on digital innovation in the agri – food value chain
  2. Provide demand driven support actions focussed on enabling/ facilitating/accelerating concrete investment and go – to – market actions in the agri – food value chain
  3. Drive the adoption and deployment of innovative digital solutions by and for SMEs that address the needs of food processing SME
  4. Extract conclusions and lessons learnt from project activities and outcomes, and foster their transfer, uptake and valorisation by different relevant stakeholders in different regional contexts, including those in less developed regions; thus, working towards sustainable impact.
  5. Maximize the outreach of the overall activities and goals of the project, and the impact of its results through communication and dissemination actions