Stakeholder Community

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HIGHFIVE stakeholder community

The HIGHFIVE Stakeholder Community was created in September 2023 as a part of HIGHFIVE project activities for valorisation and long-term actions.

The general objective is to engage a community of stakeholders throughout Europe for knowledge exchange and engagement, ensuring the valorization of the project outcomes. Members can participate in five interactive meetings of the HIGHFIVE Stakeholder Community on the topic of the twin transition of the food industry, scheduled to take place in January 2024, May 2024, November 2024, May 2025 and November 2025.

Community meetings objectives are:

  • Exchange of needs, knowledge and experiences on the twin transition in food industry
  • Develop the conclusions and recommendations on support for twin transition of food processing SMEs
  • Networking community members
  • Promoting HIGHFIVE activities and results

After the HIGHFIVE project conclusion (December 2025) the community will serve for purpose of Smart Sensors 4 Agri-food partnership.

Currently the community has 67 members. If you are a food processing company, supplier of advanced equipment or digital solutions, business association, technology centre, research institute, innovation facilitator or EU/regional authority and interested in digital and green transition in the food processing industry, you can join via an application form.