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Mlekarna Celeia


Dairy Celeia has been connecting milk producers for over 80 years. A diverse range of dairy products, following trends and customer desires, is presented under the Zelene Doline brand.

Our loyal customers know us by the slogan "Because we are close." This emphasizes the proximity of our dairy to tradition, nature, and people. All of our employees who wholeheartedly follow these words wish for our valleys to remain green in the future, as confirmed by the received "Non-GMO - produced/processed without genetically modified organisms" certificate and special care for animals. We ensure the safety and quality of Zelene Doline products with our accredited laboratory and complete traceability of milk production and processing.

With milk and more than a hundred award-winning cheeses, yogurts, desserts, spreads, and other dairy delights, we are one with nature. With products without added sugar, without lactose, and bearing the "Selected Quality Slovenia" label, we promote healthy choices in line with national dietary guidelines.

We are particularly proud of Zelene Doline cheeses. In the largest cheese factory in Slovenia, hard hay cheeses with the "Guaranteed Traditional Specialty" mark, as well as other hard and semi-hard cheeses with a higher quality certification, are matured, all created with advanced technology without any preservatives.

Arja vas 92
3301 Petrovce