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Triple Alpha


TripleAlpha is a digital company specialised in smart data management applied to Production and Operations, mainly for the food sector, with experience in R&D&I projects at regional, national and European level. The activity of TripleAlpha is mainly based on 2 pillars:

  • Data collection and aggregation: Design and preparation of the architecture necessary for the collection, storage and management of data, both on-premise and in the cloud. Data processing and preparation (ETL process: data cleansing, traceability and integrity), as well as information enrichment by incorporating data from internal and/or external sources and metadata.
  • Data analysis: Using advanced statistical techniques, Business Intelligence and/or Machine Learning:
  • Real-time predictive-prescriptive system: Analysis of operational parameters in real time to predict the final result of the product and prescribe the actions to be carried out to optimise results.
  • Predictive system for simulating results: Development of a mathematical model that allows predictions to be made and simulates the result of a specific process, depending on the input variables introduced into the system.
  • Dynamic or operational reports: Real-time monitoring of operational parameters and visualisation of KPIs to speed up decision-making.
  • Descriptive reports: Analysis of historical data to obtain KPI's that help to improve decision-making at a tactical and/or strategic level.
  • Reporting services (comercial, compras…)
  • Comparison of "What If" scenarios
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