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Integrative data management system

The goal of this investment project is an end-to-end digitalised and sustainable production process (twin transition) including a near real-time reporting over the complete production process. Netwerk productie connect Connsensys

The Partners

RBK Group specializes in developing software for food companies, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for quality management, traceability, product specification, and eco-efficiency, as well as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for production line optimization and production planning software.

Food For Analytics, on the other hand, supports food companies by collecting and converting data into valuable insights and actions. They have a cloud-native data and analytics platform that can process data from MES and ERP systems in real-time for various levels within the organization, supplementing it with data from relevant external sources. Through their long-term collaborations with various companies in the food and IT sectors, they have excellent insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by food companies.

Project Objective

One significant challenge that many food companies currently face is workforce issues. This includes not only a shortage of labor but also the loss of knowledge and experience when experienced colleagues leave the company. An interesting solution to mitigate these risks is the implementation of a fully integrated data management system (IDMS). The ultimate goal of this investment project is to digitize and make sustainable the entire production process, including an (almost) real-time monitoring system, enabling control, guidance, and management of all process steps.

Project Approach

Initially, RBK Group will make adjustments to their existing prototype ERP/MES/OEE system to meet additional requirements regarding robustness, maintenance, scalability, sustainability, and data security. This solution is intended to guide line operators using images and manuals to reduce dependency on the experience of the operator on duty. The applicability of this new digital solution will be implemented and further developed at Zwanenberg, a Dutch food company that produces various meat products and prepared meals.

In the second step, the data generated from these tests will be used to develop the cloud-native data and analytics platform 'FFA Titan' by Food For Analytics. This will be achieved through continuous feedback, allowing for faster adjustment of parameters relevant to production using an (almost) real-time dashboard.

By bringing together the expertise of RBK Group and Food For Analytics, a fully automated IDMS can be implemented, providing various operational, tactical, and strategic insights and actions that improve effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability throughout the entire production process and across different organizational layers.